South Florida Hash House Harriers

Publishing Your Kennel’s Calendar

Adding Your Kennel's Calendar to

The calendar on soflohhh has events that can be edited and added through a variety of mechanisms.  There is a manual way of entering events, and several automatic mechanisms.

For the manual method, I can provide a login where you can manually enter and update events for your kennel. This can be done by editing forms on the web page, or by importing calendar export files (i.e. .ics format.) This can be very tedious to manage as events change and get updated by the hares, often last minute. I can’t provide individual logins for each hare for any manual methods, but could provide login for each kennel for use by a hare raiser or other ‘responsible’ party.

The calendar on the website can also subscribe to other web based calendars (e.g. eventbrite, meetup, google calendar, and webcal-based calendars.) The easiest method discovered so far is to have a dynamic calendar generated through facebook (webcal-based.)  As most of the kennels seem to have facebook groups where the hares publish the details of their trails as group events, this method seems to work easiest for individual hares.  Each kennel can have a facebook user that is the designated “RSVP”er that goes to all of that kennel’s events.  All events that this user says they are “Going” to, shows up on the SouthFloridaHHH page automatically.  (So don’t use it to respond to non-hash events.)

Facebook Calendar Sharing Setup

To set this up, log into a dedicated account on facebook that you will use to publish your group’s calendar event.  You can use your own account, or create a dedicated account to publish your events. Please be careful to have the facebook account use a seemingly real name or one that won’t get flagged by facebook as fake and deactivated. Remember that ALL events you rsvp to from this account will end up on the web calendar.

Go to your home page in facebook. and click on the Home link next to your profile.

On the left side menu, select your Events link under Explore.

A list of the events this facebook user has responded to appears in the center menu.  On the bottom right corner, there is a box that says something like, “You can add events to your …  Calendar”

right click on the Upcoming Events link and click on the “Copy Link Address” link.

paste the link address into an e-mail to along with your kennel name as you’d like it to appear on the calendar.

It will look something like this:


I’ll add it into the calendar page and get it syncing up at least daily.